This includes the International competition and the Baltic student short film programmes, the Baltic music video competition programme and... lots of parties! Because it makes no sense to watch a whole lot of incredible cinema and leave without having a chat about it afterwards. Look for the "S" sign (or is it a snake?) for adventure – cinematic, social and just fun!

It’s a story about Kaido, a young man, who works in a botanical garden. He meets a girl, Liisa, who is the complete opposite of him. It’s a story about brutally honest love; a story about short glimpses of happiness that melt away like snow in July.

Lina and Tiena’s mother suddenly has to return to Vietnam. During her absence Lina takes care of her little sister and the family restaurant as she tries to keep it secret that her sister and she are living on their own. Meanwhile, Pauline, who lives across the yard, suspects something. She is something of a sleuth armed with a powerful telescope. Recommended age: 6+