Russian Language: the Language of Putin or Pushkin?

The round table will be joined by the authors from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, France, Germany and, of course, Russia who have shot their films in Russian.
Topics will include: Russian language as a propaganda tool to promote the modern Russian politics and ideology, or a chance to broaden the cultural landscape of Europe?

Recent polls show that more than a half of the Latvian population favour Russian television content. What do they receive together with the entertainment? What does the Latvian public need to fear, and must it fear at all? What would it lead to if the Russian-speaking population were separated from its language? What is the experience of Latvia’s neighbours, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as its European partners in Poland, France and Germany which host more than three million people who speak Russian? And not to mention Israel, where Russian is more popular than English.
Working language: Russian
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A round table organized by ARTDOCFEST/RIGA.

TIME11:00 - 15:00
VENUECafe Film Noir