My Good Hans


Spring 1941. Shortly before Nazi Germany’s invasion of Russia, with economic cooperation between the two countries still in full swing, a delegation of German engineers including Hans (Jakob Diehl) travel to the Soviet Union to work on the development of optical lenses in a glass factory. War is in the air and the atmosphere is tense. When Hans accidentally causes the oven to explode and several people lose their lives, the situation escalates. Lieber Hans is an exciting historical drama with a star ensemble of German acting talent, featuring Jakob Diehl, Birgit Minichmayr, Mark Waschke and Marc Hosemann.

The Golden Eagle Award from the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia for the best screenplay (2016), The Nika Award from the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science for the best screenplay and for the best film (2016), The White Elephant Award from the Russian Guild of Film Critics for the best film, for the best screenplay, for the best director, for the best cinematography (Oleg Mutu) and for the best actor (Jakob Diehl) (2016).
This movie received the Best Narrative Feature (Antonioni) Award, Best Cinematographer Award (Oleg Mutu) and Best Actor Award (Jakob Diehl) at Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival Blow-up.

My Good Hans
My Good Hans