Credit for Murder


n 2007, a shocking video appeared on YouTube, showing two boys being brutally murdered by Russian neo-Nazis, marking the starting point of a series of extremely bloody incidents in Moscow. The Israeli filmmaker Vladi Antonevicz decided to investigate this case, which gradually became an obsession for him. Together with his friend Shuravi, he spent six years searching for the truth behind this double murder. Antonevicz infiltrates one of the groups of the Russian neo-Nazi, even though this involves first having a knife fight with one of its leaders. As he forces his way through a web of intrigue, he becomes increasingly aware of the disturbing question at the heart of the matter: what exactly is the role of the Russian secret service in combatting neo-Nazi violence? And why did the series of murders that followed the appearance of the video abruptly cease in March 2008? Credit for Murder is an attractively stylized documentary thriller that slowly worms its way under the skin, and then refuses to budge.

Screening of this film is made possible due to the kind support of the Embassy of Israel in Latvia

Credit for Murder