Baltic Film Talent Lab lecture and workshop. Charlotte Munck. Transforming Vision to Screen.

This is most commonly the ‘end’ and ‘beginning’: actor and director/screenwriter. What does all the before, in between and after consist of? What is important for us to bring out in the open, to share with a public? How do we want to use that immense platform of attention that film is to say what we want? Do we as film/business creators have a moral, political, ethical, artistic responsibility for what we put out in the world? How is that vision translated through the screen: visually, technically, acting wise, style wise, work method wise?
Munck works as a script consultant for both writers and directors and has been teaching actors at various educational workshops for the last 7 years. Currently Charlotte is developing her own TV series, a monologue for theatre and working with theatre group FELT, as well as preparing to perform fully improvised drama at Teater Grob this fall.
Working language: English
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TIME10:00 - 12:00
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