The Riga IFF AWARD 2016

International Jury: Dita Rietuma, Øystein Egge, Kaarel Kuurmaa, Peter Shepotinnik, Roberto Cueto

Pelnu sanatorija (Exiled)
DIRECTOR: Dāvis Sīmanis
PRODUCERS: Roberts Vinovskis, Uljana Kim

“A timeless and universal parable of the menacing horrors of war depicted in an ambitious uncompromising cinematic language.”

Riga IFF 2016 Honorable Mention goes to Trond Nielsen for his role in Pyromanen (Pyromaniac, director Erik Skjoldbaerg)

“For an exceptional portrayal of an complex character, embodying the core of the film.”

Riga IFF ARTDOCFEST/RIGA People’s Choice Award 2016

Кредит на Убийство
DIRECTOR: Vladi Antonevicz

Riga IFF Kids Jury Feature Film Prize 2016

Members of the Jury: Gregors Jānis Putniņš, Alise Samīte, Evelīna Zīle, Edvards Pavļuts, Viesturs Oliņš, Ume Zēberga, Madara Tivuma, Kārlis Jānis Krastiņš, Katrīna Anna Krastiņa

De Boskampi’s
DIRECTOR: Arne Toonen

Riga IFF Kids Jury Short Film Prize 2016

Lili børster tænder
DIRECTOR: Siri Melchior

Riga IFF Youth Jury Prize – #YOUTH_MATTERS! 2016

Members of Jury: Karlīna Marta Zvirbule, Luīze Lote Nežberte, Diāna Sutugina, Andrejs Poikāns, Laura Tuča

DIRECTOR: Ivan Tverdovsky
PRODUCER: Guillaume de Seille

SHORT RIGA International Competition Award 2016

International Jury: Liene Linde, Aigars Ceplītis, Pela del Álamo, Andrea Wink

Best short film:
Moms On Fire
DIRECTOR: Joanna Rytel
PRODUCER: Alberto Herskovits

“In recognition of the modernity of the subject matter on human emancipation that comprises of both tragical and comical elements in an elegantly executed dramatic trajectory as well as for its technical finesse.”

Special Mention:
DIRECTOR: Pedro Peralta
PRODUCERS: Susana Nobre, João Matos

“For the director’s excellent treatment of the real and the cinematic time, for its formal rigor and the ability to transcend fiction to show an ancestral reality.”

SHORT RIGA Baltic Student Competition Award 2016

International Jury: Renārs Vimba, Charlotte Munck, Anna Purkrabkova, Jing Haase, Marija Razgutė

Visi pasiilgo prano Ivnanausko
DIRECTOR: Vygantas Bachmackij

“A film by a director with a strong voice and a distinct style who takes us on an unnerving journey into a dystopian universe of chaos and decay. We enjoy being bombarded with the constant unexpected turns of the story and the unpredictable development and interactions of the characters.”

Special Mention:
Silts klusums (Warm Silence)
DIRECTOR: Rinalds Zelts

“The daringly strict aesthetics of this movie force us to, slowly but unavoidably, transcend control to find that behind that thin layer of civilisation, nature is awaiting, surrounding and challenging us. Overwhelmingly beautifully composed, it becomes a brave study in human loneliness.”

#BMV – Short Riga Baltic Music Video Competition 2016

International Jury: Raitis Ābele, Aiga Leitholde, Mārtiņš Grauds, Saulius Baradinskas, Torunn Nyen


“For a brave move towards the deep space of self irony.”

Special Mention:
Lietuvos istorijos repas
VIDEO BY: Šventinis Bankuchenas, Andrius Alčiauskas, Aistė Papartytė
MUSIC BY: Šventinis bankuchenas

“In the form of a short film with an ironic distance, a tribute to the Lithuanian language, in a  political, historical, universal, riveting and entertaining way.”

Splendid Palace People’s Choice Award 2016

DIRECTOR: Иван Твердовский
PRODUCER: Guillaume de Seille

The festival thanks the contestants, the members of all our juries and of course – everyone who attended the screenings, events, discussions and celebrated cinema together with us! See you next year!